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Ritual (Amaal) for Night of Fifteenth Sha’aban (Part 5)


11) Shaykh Toosi (r.a) and Kafami (r.a) have advised the faithful to recite the Dua"a for 15th Night of Sha’aban:   


In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O` my Allah the seekers have presented before You their requests in this night and the ambitious has resolved to reach Your guidance and the seekers are hoping Your grace and bounties.

And in this night you bestow Your hidden bounties, the provisions, gifts and presents upon those of Your creatures whom You please and You deny the same to the one for whom no divine decree has been ordained.

And here I am you worthless bondmen in want but hopeful for getting grace and bounties. O` my Master if You have kindly bestowed in this night on any one from Your creation and benefits, please bestow Your blessings no Mohammad and his pure and purified progeny, the best of the learned, and be kind to bestow on me Your wealth and bounties.  O` the Lord of the Prophets and pure progeny and His perfect greetings of salutatio0ns on them. Verily Allah is praise worthy and glorious.

O` Allah I invoke you as taught by You .  You therefore grant me my requests as You did promise.  You surely do not go against Your promise.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen.


Liahi Ta`arraza Laka fi Hazal Lailil Muta`arrezona wa qasadakal Qasedoona wa Ammala Faziaka wa Ma`roofakat Taleboona wa Laka fi Hazal Laile nafehatun wa Jawaa`ezun wa Ataya wa Mawahibo Tamunno Beha Alaa Man Tashaa o Min Ibadeka wa Tamna`oha Man Lam Tasbiq Lahul Inayato Minka waha Anaza Ubaidoksl Faqeero Ilaikal Mo`ammilo fazlaka wa Ma`roofaka Fa In Kunta Ya Maulaya Tafazzalta Fi Hazehil Lailate Ala Ahadin Min Khalqeka waudta Alaihe be aa`edatin Min atteka Fa Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa aale Mohammadit tayyebeenat Tahereenal Khaiyyereenal fazeleena wajud Alayya Be Tanleka wa Ma`roofeka ya Rabbal Aalameena wa Aalehit tahereena wa Sallama tasleeman Innallaha Hameedun Majeedun; Allahumma Inni ad`ooka Kama amarta Fastajib Li Kama wa`adta Innaka La tukhleful Mee`ad.

Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammad, Ameen

12) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to recite the following in Sajdah tonight after the Tahajjud prayers:  [It can also be recited tonight after praying a 10 Rakaat Namaz in 5 sets of 2 Rakaat each; in each Rakaat recite Surah Hamd (The Opening), once, and Surah Ikhlaas (The Purity) 10 times]:    


I prostrate my self in adoration before Thee, my thoughts and feelings in close attention, putting faith in Thee from the bottom of my heart.

These are my two hands and that which they pluck and gather for me, O the Great, (to do) every noble deed reliance is upon Thee, forgive my serious offences because, beyond a shadow of doubt, no one can forgive the grave transgression except the Great Lord.

I adhere close to the Light of Thy Being that had illuminated the heavens and the earths, removed and exposed the darkness, put in order the “operation”, from the beginning to the end, at all times free from violent and unexpected changes to the worse, absence of recovery and adjustment and discontinuation of the supply of natural resources.

O Allah give me a knowing fearing, clean conscience, free from hypocrisy, which is neither renegade nor villainous. I put my face on the earth and roll in the dust because it is imposed as a duty that I prostrate myself in adoration before Thee


Sajada Laka Sawaadee Wa Khayaalee Wa Aamana Bika Fuw—aadee Haad’ihi Yadaaya Wa Maa Janaytuhu A’laa Nafsee Yaa A’z’eem Turjaa Likulli A’z’eemin Ighfir Liyal A’z’eemafa—innahu Laa Yaghfirud’d’anbal A’z’eema Illar Rabbul A’z’eem

(Ii) A—o’od’u Binoori Wajhikalladee Az”aaa-at Lahus Samaawaatu Wal Arz”oona Wan—kashafat Lahuz’ Z’ulumaatu Wa S’alah’a A’layhi Amrul Awwaleena Wal Aakhireen Min Fujaa—ati Naqimatika Wa Min Tah’weeli A’afiyatika Wa Min Zawaali Nia’—matika Allaahummar—zuqnee Qalban Taqiyyan Naqiyyan Wa Minash Shirki Baree—an Laa Kaafiran Wa Laa Shaqiyyaa A’ffartu Wajhee Fit Turabi Wa H’uqqa Lee An Asjuda Laka

13) According to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) it is desirable to pray a 100 Rakaat Namaz tonight, in 50 sets of 2 Rakaat each as follows: In every Rakaat, after the recitation of Surah Hamd (The Opening), recite Surah Ikhlaas (The Purity) 10 times. After the Namaz recite the following: 

• Ayatul Kursi 10 times

• Surah Hamd (The Opening)10 times

• Subh’aanallah 100 times

14) According to Imam Jafar  Sadiq (a.s) It is desirable to pray a 6 Rakaat Namaz tonight, in 3 sets of 2 Rakaat each, as under: In every Rakaat recite Surah Hamd (The Opening), Surah Yaa Seen and Surah Al Mulk(Dominion). 

15) Recite the following tonight and every night during the rest of the month.


O Allah if Thou has forgiven us during the previous days of Sha’aban, then please be merciful to us in the days now follow


Allaahumma In Lam Takun Ghafarta Lanaa Feema Maz”aa Min Saa’—baana Faghfirlanaa Feema Baqiya Minhu

18) Also recite regular Salwat of Sha’aban & Munajat Shabaniyah.

Source: duas.org

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