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Ritual (Amaal) for Night of Fifteenth Sha’aban (Part 2)


7) Recite the following dua’a to welcome the birth of the Living Imam who was born on 15th Sha’aban 255 AH (It has the status of salutation to Imam):   


O my Allah for the sake of this night we are now in, for the sake of he who was born tonight, Thy decisive argument, Thy “promise”, that Thou joined with it as a favor to keep alive its superiority, so Thou fulfilled Thy words truly and justly; no one can change Thy Words nor obscure Thy signs.

Thy Light, soft, pleasant and caressing, Thy splendor, had come in view bright and brilliant, for the “Bright sigh”, (so far) invisible and hidden in the obscurity of the darkness, the covering had been taken off, his arrival in this world was the basis of all kindness, the Angels stood witness.

Almighty Allah will help him and support him when the promise (the event of the beginning of his reign) come true, the Angels will be among his troops, (he will be) a fatal blow from Allah that will never miss the aim a light from Him that will never grow dim, a gentle matured disposition that will never jeopardize the truth. The motive and reason of the course of events, the honour and estimation of time, the “Ulil—Amr” (in charge of Allah’s affairs).Accompany that which comes down in the “Grand Night” the controllers of the Day of Judgment and resurrection, interpreters of the “Revelations”, and those who make known what to do and what not to do.


O Allah send blessing on their seal and representative, un seeable to their people, make his days, his return, his time, reach maturity, (let us be with him), as his helpers, let us be his attacking comrades to hunt up and eliminate the beasts (in human shapes), register our names as his supporters and sincere friends, bring us to life again in his reign, gentle and loving, happy and satisfied in his company, and steadfast in his cause, free from sins, O the Most Merciful! (All) praise is for Allah, the Lords of the worlds! His blessings be on our Chief, Muhammad, the Last Prophet and Messenger, and on his dependable “Ahl-ul-Bayt”, his truth—revealing children, and condemn all the oppressors and keep back from evil they unleash at us,  O the Best Ruler!


Allaahumma Bih’aaqi Lay Latinaa Haad’ihi Wa Mawloodihaa Wa H’ujjatika Wa Maw—o’odihal Latee Qaranta Ilaa Faz”lihaa Faz”laa Fatammat Kalimatuka S’idqan Wa A’dlaa Laa Mubaddila Li—kalimaatika Wa Laa Mu—a’qqiba Li—ayaatika Noorukal Muta—alliqu Wa Z”iyaaa—ukal Mushirqu Wal A’lamun Nooru Fee T’akhyaaa—id Dayjorril Ghaaa—ibul Mastooru Jalla Mawliduhu Wa Karuma Mah’tiduhu Wal Malaaa—ikatu Shuhhaduhu Walaahu Naas’iruhu Wa Mu—ayyiduhu Id’aa—aana Mee—a’aduhu Wal Malaaa—ikatu Amdaaduhu Sayfullaahillad’ee Laa Yanboo Wa Nooruhullad’ee Laa Yakhboo Wa D’ul H’ilmillad’ee Laa Yas’boo Madaarud Dahri Wa Nawaameesul A’s’ri Wa Wulaatul Amri Wal Munazzalu A’layhim Maa Yatanazzalu Fee Laylatil Qadr Wa As’h’aabul H’ashri Wan Nashri Taraajimata Wahlyii Wa Wulaatu Amrihi Wa Nahyihi

Allaahumma Fa—s’alli A’laa Khaatimihim Wa Qaaa-imihimul Mastooria’n A’waalimihim Wa Adrik Binaa Ayyaamahu Wa Wa Z’uhoorahu Wa Qiyaamahu Was—a’lnaa Min Ans’aarihi Waq—rin Thaaranaa Bi—thaarihi Wak—tubnaa Fee Aa’—waanihi Wa Wa Ah’yinaa Fee Dawlatihi Naa—i’meena Wa Bi—s’uh’batihi Ghaanimeena Wa Bih’aqqihi Qaaa—imeena Wa Minas Sooo—i Saalimeen Yaa Arh’amar Raah’imeen Wa Alh’amdu Lillaahi Rabbil A’alimeen Wa S’alawaatuhu A’laa Sayyidinaa Muh’ammadin Khaatimin Nabiyyeena Wal Mursaleen Wa A’laa Ahlibaytihis’s’aadiqeena Wa I’tratihin Naat’qeen Wal—a’njamee—a’z Z’aalimeena Wah’—kum Baynaana Wa Baynaahum Yaa Ah’kamal H’aakimeen

Source: duas.org

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