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First flying car wins permit in US

first flying car

A light aircraft that can convert into an automobile has been allowed into US skies to help a long dreamed-of "flying car" come true.

Whether it is to avoid a traffic jam or just get to a destination faster, the idea of combining a car and plane or having a flying gear has always been appealing.

A private aircraft manufacturing company based in Woburn, Massachusetts, has blended the two modes of transport quite well in its roadable Terrafugia Transition.

According to Terrafugia Inc., the vehicle can fly a distance of up to 640 kilometers (around 398 mile) on a single tank of gas at a cruising speed of 185 km/h. Upon landing and with its wings folded up, it can also drive highway speeds on the road.

It is also permitted to take off a maximum weight of about 650 kilograms, which is 50 kilograms above the limit for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) light sport aircraft category.

Terrafugia won a key federal approval for its flying car which has already completed flight tests to become the latest manifestation of a long-running fantasy.

The significant innovation now fills a blank in humans' life which existed almost as long as there have been automobiles.

The company will begin production later this year with about 20 vehicles.

Terrafugia said it has collected $10,000 deposits from more than 70 potential buyers for the $194,000 craft with the first flying car expected off the production line in 18 months.

first flying car

Source: presstv.ir

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