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2 Poems of Sohrab Sepehri


Light, Flower, Water 

There is no cloud

There is no wind

I sit next to the pool

The goldfish, the light, flower, water.

The immaculate tree of life.


My mother is picking mint.

Bread, mint, cheese, spotless sky, wet oleanders.

The salvation is not far:  within flowers in the yard.


The light is caressing water in my vase.

The scale is inviting the sun to the earth.

Everything is hidden behind a smile.


And the wall of time has tear disclosing my face.

There are things that I don’t know,

And things that I know:

I fly up to the peak: I am full of feather and wing.

I gaze at the sight in the dark: I am full of torch.

I am full of light and sand,

Full of flowers and trees

Full of lane, full of bridge, full of river and wave.

I am full of the weight of a leaf in the pond

How empty I feel inside.

The poem Roushani, Man, Gol, Ab was first published in the anthologyHajm-e Sabz (The Green Heap)  1967, Tehran.


A Fine Lonely Night 


The furthermost bird of the world sings

The night is neat, straight and wide.

The moon wispers

To the ears of the flowers,

To the ears of  the twigs.


In front of the stairs

Whitin the abundance of the breeze

A torch in my hand

I stand.



The lanes is calling your steps

For your eyes not be the ornament of dark

Wash your eyes, wear your shoes

and come.

Come until the moon’s nightly finger warns.

Come until the time sits on your side.

Come until the night’s scent absorbs

the mass of your limbs.



I know,

There will be a wise

who will tell you then:

“The best instant is the night

you look into your eyes

and they are wet,

wet from the incidence of love.”

The poem Shab-e Tanha-yie Khoob was first published in the anthology Hajm-e Sabz (The Green Shape)  1967, Tehran.

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani

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