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What is Life?


Life is Love; adore it

Life is a struggle; face it

Life is a challenge; accept it

Life is a duty; perform it

Life is a game; play it

Life is a mystery; solve it

Life is a journey; complete it

Life is a promise: fulfill it

Life is a treasure; preserve it

Life is sacred; guard it

Life is noble; aim for it

Life is short; make the most of it

Life is chaste; keep it that way

Life is mortal; immortalize it with good deeds

Life is wealth; invest it in sacrifice

Life is a jewel; adore it with piety

Life is full of meanings; try to understand it.

Life is eventful; adapt to it

Life is fast; do not run after it

Life is precious; save it

Life is blissful; thank God for it

Life is a study; learn it

Life is Allah’s; protect it

Life is a fortune; do not gamble with it

Life is clean; do not let it get dirty

Life is superficial only if you make it so

Life could be saved with patience and hard work

Razia (Rani) Agha

Source: almujtaba.com

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