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DM Calls on Russia to Abide by S-300 Deal


Iran's defense minister called on Russia to abide by an agreement signed between the two countries on the delivery of the sophisticated S-300 air defense missile system to Tehran.

"From our point of view, Russia is required to fulfill its undertakings," Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said in an interview with FNA on Tuesday.

"Implementation of the contents of this contract does not run counter to Russia's internal laws, the two countries' international undertakings and international regulations," Vahidi stressed.

"We are pursuing the issue within the framework of the contract between the two sides," the Iranian minister went on saying.

He further said countries that do not abide by their deals are taken accountable for the losses incurred due to their decision, reminding that the contract terms of Iran-Russia S-300 deal include the necessary assurances for the implementation of either side's undertakings.

Vahidi also pointed out that the recently approved sanctions against Iran by the UN Security Council do not at all ban the delivery of S-300 air defense system to Iran.

The UN resolution does not specifically prohibit Russia from supplying the S-300, but Moscow has announced it was blocking the delivery of five batteries of S-300 sold to Tehran in 2007.

The Russians cited the fourth round of economic sanctions imposed on Iran by UNSC on June 9 for their decision.

Tehran has been seeking to purchase the sophisticated defense system to improve its power of deterrence in reaction to Israeli war rhetoric against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Moscow signed a contract with Tehran in 2007 to supply the powerful S-300 missiles to Iran.

The S-300 surface-to-air system, known as the SA-20 in the West, can track targets and fire at aircraft 120 kilometers (75 miles) away. It also features high jamming immunity and is capable of simultaneously engaging up to 100 targets.

Source: farsnews.com

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