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Persian Proverbs (Part 4)


"اسب ترکمني است، هم از توبره ميخوره هم ازآخور"

Literal Translation: The horse is Turkmen; it feeds off both the nose-bag and the manger.

Connotation: A person is trying to benefit from being close to opposing parties.

English Equivalent: Runs with the hare, hunts with the hound.


"اسب را گم کرده، پي نعلش ميگرده"

Literal Translation: He has lost the horse, yet, he's looking for the horseshoe.

English Equivalent: Putting the cart before the horse. Closing the barn door after the horses get out.


"اگر بيل‌زني، باغچه خودت را بيل بزن"

Literal Translation: If you're an able hoer, hoe your own garden first.

Connotation: If you can do a job, do it for yourself first (instead of telling someone else how to do it).

English Equivalent: Physician, heal thyself.


"اگر جراحي، پيزي خود تو جا بنداز"

Literal Translation: If you are a surgeon, set your own bones.

English Equivalent: Physician, heal thyself.


"اگه خير داشت، اسمشو مي گذاشتند خيرالله"

Literal Translation: If he were a do-gooder, they'd call him "Saint Do-Gooder."

Connotation: No good comes of this person.


"اگه دعاي بچه‌ها اثر داشت، يک معلم زنده نمي‌موند"

Literal Translation: If children's prayers were answered, there wouldn't be a single teacher alive.

English Equivalent: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


"اگه زري بپوشي، اگر اطلس بپوشي، همون کنگر فروشي"

Literal Translation: Even if you wear gold lame or damask, you'll still be the same acanthus-monger.

Connotation: No matter how you change your looks, you're the same person.

English Equivalent: A leopard cannot change its spots. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make it a lady.


"اگه علي ساربونه، ميدونه شترو کجا بخوابونه"

Literal Translation: If Ali is the camel-driver, he knows where to rest his camel.

Connotation: Let the person in responsibility take care of the matter, as is the most able.

English Equivalent: Let the manager manage.


"اگه لالائي بلدي، چرا خوابت نميبره"

Literal Translation: If you know how to lullaby, why can't you put yourself to sleep?

Connotation: Why don't you follow your own advice?

English Equivalent: Practice what you preach. 


"امان از خانه داري، يکي ميخري دو تا نداري"

Literal Translation: Woe to home-makers; you buy one thing, you don't have two others.

Connotation: Everytime something turns out missing.

English Equivalent: You can't have your cake, and eat it too.


"اول بچش، بعد بگو بي‌نمکه"

Literal Translation: Taste it first before you say it's saltless.

Connotation: Applied when one makes a remark about something they haven't tried.

English Equivalent: Don't knock it 'til you try it.


"اين"اين حرفها براي فاطي تنبون نميشه"

Literal Translation: These words won't become trousers for Faati.

Connotation: Bringing up excuses won't make the problem any better.

English Equivalent: Fine words butter no parsnips.


"اين قافله تا به حشر لنگه"

Literal Translation: This caravan will limp along till doomsday.

Connotation: This problem is not going to be solved.

English Equivalent: Lost cause.


"باد آورده را باد ميبرد"

Literal meaning: What wind giveth, wind taketh away.

English equivalent: Easy come, easy go.


"با گرگ دنبه ميخوره، با چوپان گريه ميکنه."

Literal Translation: He eats tail fat with the wolf, and cries with the shephard.

English Equivalent: He runs with the hare and hunst with the hound.


"تا تنور گرمه نون‌ رو بچسبون."

Literal translation: Bake the bread while the oven is hot.

Connotations: Take advantage of the opportunity while you still have a chance.

English equivalent: Make hay while the Sun shines. Strike while the iron is hot.


Source: wikiquote.org

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