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  • 6/16/2010

Persian arts embellish Shirazi Golden One


Iranian artists used silver, gold and shell as well as Persian intarsia arts, inlay and filigree in making the ornate Golden One automobile.

The car was designed by Dubai-based Iranian Siamak Hojjat and Iranian artists from Shiraz worked on the car, which was manufactured in the United Arabs Emirates, from 2004 to 2006.

“The car is decorated with ten kilograms of 18-carat gold and 150 diamonds are set in it,” Hojjat mentioned in a press released by the Persian service of MNA.

The car body sports a 6.5 meter intarsia (decorative inlay) and the car’s floor mat is made from a genuine Persian carpet, he said.

Hojjat went on to say that the car’s seats are upholstered with natural suede and natural leather is used on its door handles.

The artists dedicated about 20,000 hours in making the car whose purpose is to introduce Iranian art to world, he mentioned.

“Plans are to put the car, whose top speed is 240 km/h, on display in Iran and that should happen soon, possibly within the coming two weeks,” he said.

The car is now in Iran’s customs and, following official inspection procedures, it will go on display for public viewing. The car will be kept in Shiraz after the public showing.

Photo: The Golden One in an undated photo

Source:  tehrantimes.com


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