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“Mr. Memory” to refresh memoirs of actor Khosro Shakibaii


Iranian cinema actor Khosro Shakibaii will posthumously appear in a documentary entitled “Mr. Memory” that will also feature interviews with cineastes and poets.

Translator and photojournalist Alireza Behnam is busy these days editing his doc on Shakibaii, “The idea came to my mind after we lost the dear actor. The doc features the roles Shakibaii played, his movies, as well as his recitation of several poems.”

Shakibaii died of a heart attack in July 2008 at 64. He was the superstar of Iran’s cinema for many years and the darling of families in the TV series “Green Home”.

“Shakibaii was multi-dimensional actor. He turned into a symbol of renaissance in Iranian culture and cinema during 1980’s. I thought I would like to make a documentary to pay my tribute to the late actor who played major role in Iranian cinema,” he told the Persian service of MNA.

“I interviewed several cineastes and literary figures about this project, some of whom were late filmmakers Amir Qavidel and Mohammadreza A’laami, and film critic Javad Tusi.

“Theatrical figures Mahmud Ostad-Mohammad, Ferdows Hajian, and several poetesses Sepideh Jodeiri, Roja Chamankar and Nahid Kabiri also took part in the interviews about Shakibaii.

“The documentary is being funded by a private producer. The filming process is over, and the doc is now in its post-production stage being edited,” he explained.

Behnam expressed hope he can get public screening permission for the movie from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, noting, “If that is not possible, I hope I can screen the movie in specific theaters or can get permission to add the movie to a home-video collection.

Shakibaii was born in 1944 in Tehran. He graduated in acting from the University of Tehran’s Fine Arts Academy. He began his stage career in 1963 and film acting in 1982 with “The Red Line” (Masud Kimiaii).

He surprised critics with his role in Dariush Mehrjuii’s “Hamun” in which he played the role of Hamid Hamun. His distinguished acting gained him the Crystal Simorgh award at the Fajr International Music Festival.

His performance in Amrollah Ahmadju’s TV series “Once Upon A Time” playing the role of “Morad Beik” was one of the most brilliant acting performances in his lifetime career.

He possessed a unique tone of voice and released a number of tapes in which he recited poetry by several contemporary poets including Sohrab Sepehri

Source: tehrantimes.com

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