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  • 6/15/2010

Diabetes ups cancer risk in women


Apart from various complications commonly associating type 2 diabetes, a new study links the debilitating disease with increased risk of certain cancers in women.

According to the study published in Cancer Causes & Control, type 2 diabetes places women at a doubled risk of developing colon, uterus and ovarian cancer.

"For men, this study is good news," said lead researcher Gabriel Chodick, adding that diabetes lowers the risk of cancers associated with insulin-like hormones including prostate cancer by 47 percent.

The interaction of diabetes and female hormones is believed to be responsible for the exaggerated risk of cancer reported in women.

Scientists therefore urged physicians to screen diabetic women for possible hidden cancers particularly colon malignancies.

They, however, stressed that the overall risk of developing such cancers in this population is generally quite low and women therefore should not panic.

Source: tehrantimes.com

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