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  • 6/13/2010

Too much meat linked to early puberty

Following a diet rich in meat during childhood may draw the initiation of menstrual periods closer, placing the girl at an increased risk of breast cancer.

According to a study published in Public Health Nutrition, girls who eat too much meat at age three (over eight portions per week) and seven (12 portions per week) are 75 percent more likely to have a period by age 12.

Menstruation was reported to occur earlier in bigger girls, the study found. The high content of zinc and iron in a meat-rich diet which prepares the body for pregnancy, however, was considered as the main cause of an earlier puberty in these children.

"This was not related to larger body size, but rather could be due to a more direct effect of dietary protein on the body's hormone levels," said Ken Ong from the Medical Research Council.

"These results add to the evidence that it is healthiest to avoid diets containing very high amounts of meat," said lead researcher Imogen Rogers, adding that there is no need for young girls to cut their meat intake.

Source: presstv.ir

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