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300  faulty genes are involved in autism


While the leading role of eight or nine genes in the development of autism had long been known, a new study says 300 genes are involved in this disease.

autism is a complex neurobiological disorder altering an individual's ability to communicate and develop social relationships.

According to the study published in Nature, individuals with autism tend to carry 300 genetic mutations including several sub-microscopic insertions and deletions called copy-number variants (CNV) in their genomes. These DNA changes are found in one fifth of the affected patients.

Some of the newly identified genes are responsible for developing connections between brain cells, while others are involved in sending signals within brain cells.

The discovery of so many faulty genes can explain the unique manifestation reported in different autistic patients, the study found.

Scientists hope their findings would pave the way for the development of new genetic tests effective in the early diagnosis of autism. These findings can also be used in the development of new drugs to ease some of the symptoms of autism, particularly in severely ill patients.

Source: presstv.ir

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