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The Miracle of Numbers in Qur’an

the holy qur’an

Check this out; very interesting findings of scientists of Qur’anic sciences might grasp your attention:

The scientists discovered some verses in the Holy Qur’an that mention one thing is equal to another, i.e. men are equal to women.

Although this makes sense grammatically, the astonishing fact is that the number of times the word man appears in the Qur’an is 24 and number of times the word woman appears is also 24, therefore not only is this phrase correct in the grammatical sense but also true mathematically, i.e. 24 = 24.

Upon further analysis of various verses, he discovered that this is consistent throughout the whole Qur’an, where it says one thing is like another. See below for astonishing result of the words mentioned number of times in Arabic Qur’an:

Dunya (one name for life) 115. Aakhirat (one name for the life after this world) 115

Malaika (Angels) 88. Shayteen (Satan) 88

Life 145.... Death 145

Benefit 50. Corrupt 50

People 50... Messengers 50

Eblees (king of devils) 11. Seek refuge from Eblees 11

Museebah (calamity) 75. Thanks 75

Spending (Sadaqah) 73. Satisfaction 73

People who are mislead 17. Dead people 17

Muslimeen 41. Jihad 41

Gold 8. Easy life 8

Magic 60. Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading) 60

Zakat (Taxes Muslims pay to the poor) 32. Barakah (Increasing or blessings of wealth) 32

Mind 49. Noor 49

Tongue 25. Sermon 25

Desire 8. Fear 8

Speaking publicly 18. Publicizing 18

Hardship 114.... Patience 114

Muhammad 4. Sharee'ah (Muhammad's teachings) 4

Man 24. Woman 24

And amazingly enough have a look how many times the following words appear:

Salah 5, Month 12, Day 365

Sea 32, Land 13

Sea + land = 32+13= 45

Sea = 32/45*100=71.11111111%

Land = 13/45*100 = 28.88888889%

Sea + land =100.00%

Modern science has only recently proven that the water covers 71.111% of the earth, while the land covers 28.889%.

Is this a coincidence?

Question is that who taught Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) all this?

Reply automatically comes in mind that ALMIGHTY ALLAH taught him this. As the Qur’an also tells us this.


There is no God but thou, glory be to thee; surely I am of those who make themselves To suffer loss.  The Holy Qur’an (Surah 21, The Prophets, verse87).

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