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Kordasht Bath-House

kordasht bath-house

This is one of the beautiful bath-House of East Azarbayjan which constructed with traditional architecture in Kordasht village of Jolfa beside Aras River. Bath room was constructed in the middle of great orchard and has form of 8 lateral sides with dimension of 5.3 x 5.3 and with 3.4 meters height. One of the lateral side reach to entrance door and the other toward cloth put off room or Sarbineh.

Sarbineh of bathroom is 8 lateral sides with length of 5.3 meters and height of 5.8 meters and its large dove constructed on 8 stone pillars. All pillars connected to stone head pillars and adjoined with melted lead. Sarbineh dove equipped with beautiful carbines decorated to lime. Cloth put off room covered with X shape ceiling and dedicated number of shoes put off points. Heating room is a place constructed with four stone pillars on two triangular large pools with a room and dove in upper side.

Light inside Sarbineh and heating room supply through duct at the peak of dove and it is obvious that in previous time, marble stone installed on duct and cause for light inside bath and preserve women from others look. Kordasht bath have variety of other beautiful place. Bath was constructed in time of Abbas Mirza, Nayebolsaltaneh Fath Ali Shah during second war of Iran and Russia, but its architecture style is similar with bath constructed in Safavid period.

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