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East Azarbayjan Houses

ghadaki house

House of Constitution (Mashrootiat)

This house, for gathering, head of constitution party in Tabriz and was constructed in the year 1868. The founder of house was "Haj Mehdi Kouzeh Kanani", one of the active men in Constitution movement. The house was registered in National Work list due to historical and cultural value of house, specially its bond with constitution movement

Main space and direction of a house is toward south side and sash windows with depicting of wood and color windows , control sever light of south .At present time, sculpture and other items remains from constitution period in this house.

Ghadaki House

This house together with Behnam House and Ganjeh-izadeh House have changed their residential application to advanced education means and are among collection of Islamic Arts University of Tabriz as a means of cultural and historical concept.

Building belongs to mid years of Qajar period and was completed in two periods, include indoor and outdoor area. Sash windows with color glass open to north and south. Beneath adjacent room, there is small pool. The ceiling is in shape of dove designed with brick and with side platform and stone pool. Architecture shape, building area and variety of rooms together with dove are among beauty of building. Mirror works around building, plastering around ceiling are among excellent works. Probably, the building was constructed into time period and in Qajar period and there is no trace of adding or omitting any thing in building.

Behnam House

This is one of the ancient buildings in the beginning of Qajar and re-constructed in time of Naser-ed-Din-Shah. Complete building include indoor and outdoor areas with entrance octal entrance way- corridor, outdoor great yard- indoor great yard- terrace with pillar for summer season sitting in south side . Main building direction is in north side of yard toward south with column. Among outstanding features, we can point out to architecture plan, difference and variety in room dimension. South balcony was dedicated for summer season sitting and north balcony decorated with its plaster columns. Indoor yard with suitable dimension causes for considerable beauty of complex. Moon light in north side of house and toward indoor yard shows ability of understanding beauty by our ancestors.

behnam house

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