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Saheb-abad Mosque (Saheb-ol-amr)


Mosque is among work of Shah Tahmaseb Safavi and was collapsed in 1686 by corps of the 4th Soltan Morad and reconstructed in time of Shah Soltan Hossein Safavi by Mirza Mohamamd Ebrahim, minister of Azarbaijan and Mr. Mirza AN Akbarkhan in the year 1887 decorated some part of entrance with mirror He also added corridor and school in mosque and identify some endowments. Mosque equipped with long minaret in two sides and with dove place. Two marbled roofed rooms remain from time of Shah Tahmasb with beautiful depicting symbol on walls. The mosque dedicated for Koran and Book museum in the year 2001 after its complete reconstruction.

Source: mahjubah.com

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