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Envoy: Collapse of Zionist Regime Imminent


Israel's attack on Gaza aid convoy showed that the collapse of the Zionist regime is imminent, Iran's envoy to Azerbaijan said on Tuesday.

Speaking to FNA about the barbaric raid on Palestine Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli forces, Iran's Ambassador to Baku Mohammad Baqer Bahrami said that the move revealed the true nature of the regime and indicated that the forged regime is nearing the end of its existence.

He reminded global condemnation of Israel's raid on international human rights activists in international waters, and noted, "The world now is informed of the true nature of this occupying regime."

"The flotilla was carrying a message of peace, friendship and kindness for the people of Gaza and the Zionist regime once again displayed its nature by attacking the Freedom Flotilla," Bahrami added.

He further urged the Arab and Islamic states to show an immediate reaction to the event, and stated, "The Islamic and Arab countries as well as the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) should make a move in this regard and the regime (Israel) and its supporters should account (for this crime) to the world public opinion."

20 human rights activists were killed and some 50 were injured when commandos of Zionist regime stormed Turkish-sponsored aid convoy and opened fire at the passengers onboard in the early hours of Monday.

The attack on the six-ship flotilla took place in international waters more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. Witnesses said 100 Israeli commandos supported by military choppers boarded a Turkish ship that was leading the convoy and killed a number of passengers, including nine Turkish nationals.

FNA dispatches and other media sources said that some members of the European parliaments, former western diplomats, reporters and human rights activists were among the victims of Israel's brutal act.

The aid flotilla was on the last leg of an aid mission to deliver some 10,000 tons of supplies to Gaza which has been under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007.

The ships, carrying more than 750 passengers from 40 countries, had started heading towards Gaza from international waters of Cyprus on Sunday.

Source: farsnews.com

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