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Storm 'Agatha' death toll reaches 90

storm agatha death toll reaches 90

The death toll from a powerful tropical storm in Central America has risen to at least 90, with more than a dozen still missing, officials say.

The worst-hit country was Guatemala, where authorities confirmed at least 73 deaths.

Another nine have been killed in neighboring El Salvador and at least eight others have lost their lives in northern Honduras.

The storm has forced a state of emergency in all three countries, in an attempt to increase immediate aid and resources.

'Agatha' swept in from the Pacific Ocean on Saturday, triggering heavy downpours, flooding and mudslides.

So far, the storm has forced more than 74,000 people to flee their homes and some 8,000 are now living in makeshift shelters.

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom said in a news conference on Sunday that many places are still cut off and the country's road network is badly damaged.

This means that the death toll may rise in the coming days.

Forecasters have meanwhile warned residents to expect torrential rains for at least several more days.

Agatha has now been downgraded to a tropical depression.

The devastating storm comes only two days after the Pacaya volcano in southern Guatemala began erupting, killing two people.

Source: presstv.ir

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