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Iran to launch 3 more satellites

iran to launch 3 more satellites
Three Iranian satellites are on the waiting list to be catapulted into outer space as Iran continues to make major strides in the space industry.

Preparations are underway to launch three domestically-made satellites, namely 'Tolou' (Dawn), 'Navid' (Promise) and 'Mesbah 2' (Lantern 2), said a top Iranian space industry official.

"Last year, Tolou, Navid and Mesbah 2 satellites were unveiled, and now they are scheduled to be launched", stated Mehdi Mousavi Badenjani.

"The three satellites are likely to be put into orbit with domestic launchers, but foreign launchers may be called in under certain conditions and due to certain managerial considerations", the official underscored.

Tolou is Iran’s first indigenously-manufactured remote sensing satellite, said Mousavi Badenjani, adding Navid is used for academic research purposes.

"… and Mesbah 2 is a telecoms satellite and the improved version of Mesbah 1", he said.

He added several other space projects are predicted to get off the ground in the country this year.

Souce: presstv.ir

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