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Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth


About 8.6 million people in the U.S. have at least one serious illness caused by smoking.

The main effects of smoking on a smoker’s teeth are that he will encounter dental and gum problems, or worst, loss of teeth.

According to the researchers the effects of smoking can be seen on the body’s immune system, which weakens the body’s capability to fight against infection.

Loss of Teeth and Gum Problems

The effects of smoking are that people who smoke a lot will certainly lose their teeth. Moreover, smoking initiates gums diseases. These gum diseases manifest swelling on the gum areas that finally lessen the strong teeth formation. It is in this stage that loss of tooth occurs.

Well some people argue that there is no relationship between the smoking and loss of teeth or gum problems. They further insist that actually inborn or innate in their genetic structure are responsible for these kind of dental problems. But their argument is totally wrong.


It has been already proved by the studies that smoking can cause dental problems. Many dental problems, especially gum problems are caused due to smoking. This is because smoking triggers the accumulation of bacteria in plaque.

Actually the gluey white material that builds up on our teeth whenever we don’t brush our teeth is the plaque, is already a major factor in dental problems. Moreover like a double jeopardy, the smoking helps in bacteria formation in plaque. So when bacteria already thrive within the gum area, which will lead to inflamed gum.

Moreover, this will have an effect on jaw, thereby, speeding up the loss of the teeth. If not, it will soon be extracted because it at this stage that the teeth will progressively get worse. The gum diseases are silent killers of your teeth.

Method To Solve Teeth Problems

The first and foremost solution for these types of teeth problems is that the person should immediately quit smoking. If he doesn’t quit smoking, chances are there that any kind of treatment will just be useless.

He should visit a dentist for treatment, which includes medications to cure any gum infection, some teeth cleaning, and proper maintenance on your teeth. You should also know how to observe and practice proper dental hygiene so as to prevent repetition of dental problems.

Losing teeth can make a vast effect in your life. It’s not only your confidence that will be affected but also your appearance, and lifestyle. You are deterred from eating healthy diet, even your favorite foods or in worst case you might not be able to eat anything at all.

The bottom line is that effects of smoking are such a persistent that people must start to put a stop on it. For this reason dentists work hand in hand with other health experts to curb the probable effects of smoking in one’s total well being.

Source: stop-smoking-tips.com

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