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Iran, Turkey and Brazil issue joint communiqué on fuel swap deal 


Final and precise version of Iran, Turkey and Brazil’s joint communiqué on fuel swap deal for Iran was published on sidelines of Tehran G15 Summit here Monday night. 

According to IRNA reporter at the conference hall, the final version of the tripartite communiqué is as follows:

1. We emphasize over the need to respect the nuclear weapons non proliferation treaty and its related articles, as well as the entire NPT members’, including the Islamic Republic of Iran’s right to take advantage of the peaceful nuclear energy without any discrimination, in phases of research, development and usage of the nuclear energy (and also in having the fuel cycle, including enrichment activities).

2. We strongly believe that now we have an opportunity to take steps forwards amid a positive atmosphere free from confrontational attitude, to lead towards interactions and cooperation.

3. We believe swapping nuclear fuel is a cradle for beginning cooperation in various fields, particularly over peaceful usage of the nuclear energy, including the manufacturing of power stations and research reactors.

4. Based on these points, swapping the nuclear fuel is a constructive move ahead and a beginning for cooperation among nations. Such a move should lead towards positive interactions and cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear activities and to block the path for any confrontational moves, inclusive of actions, behaviors, or threatening communiqués that would harm the rights of the Iranians under the framework of the NPT, replacing such moves with nuclear cooperation instead.

5. In accordance with the abovementioned articles, in order to facilitate the aforesaid cooperation, the Islamic Republic of Iran would agree to deposit 1.200 kilograms of its low enriched uranium (LEU) in Turkey. That LEU would belong to Iran in Turkey. Iran and the IAEA would have the right to supervise over the safe keeping of that LEU parcel in Turkey.

6. Iran would declare its agreement with the abovementioned articles within seven days to the agency. Proportionate with receiving positive reply from the Vienna Group (US, Russia, France and the IAEA), the further details of the swap deal would be declared in a written text based on which Iran would be committed to deliver 120 kilograms of fuel in return for the same amount of fuel rods for Tehran Research Reactor.

7. The two sides would be committed to observe the contents of Article 6 of this communiqué as of the time that the Vienna Group would announce their commitment to the conditions and articles of this document. The Islamic Republic of Iran would after reaching agreement over Article 6, deliver 1.200 kilograms of its low enriched uranium (LEU) as deposit in Turkey within a month’s time. The Vienna Group too, would deliver 120 kilograms of the required fuel for Tehran Research Reactor (TRR) in accordance with this agreement to Iran within the period of one year.

8. If the contents of this communiqué would not be heeded and respected, Turkey would in accordance with Iran’s request return Iran’s LEU rapidly and unconditionally back to Iran.

9. Turkey and Brazil welcome Iran’s declared readiness for resuming talks with the 5+1, as it had done so before, at any place, including in Turkey, or in Brazil, over the axes of shared concerns in accordance with joint commitments based on the common points within the two proposed packages.

10. Turkey and Brazil appreciate the Islamic Republic of Iran’s constructive approach in pursuing the nuclear rights of the NPT member countries and its own commitment to that treaty, and in return, Iran appreciates the constructive efforts made by the friendly countries of Turkey and Brazil in establishment of an atmosphere of cooperation and for supporting Iran’s nuclear rights.

Source: Irna.ir

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