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  • 5/16/2010

Qazvin named ECO calligraphy capital


The city of Qazvin in western Iran has been selected as the calligraphy capital of the Economic Cooperation Organization by ECO member states.

ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) director Hojjatollah Ayyoubi announced the news during the opening ceremony of Iran's first International Calligraphy Biennial in Qazvin, saying that the city's officials should do their best to promote this art in the country and throughout the region.

“Holding workshops and promoting the art of calligraphy in the country is also a necessity,” he said.

An office will be opened in Qazvin so that ECO member states and artists can visit and exchange views, Ayyoubi added.

Qazvin is the birthplace of Mir-Emad, known as the most celebrated Persian calligrapher and master of the Nast'aliq script, whose works have been housed in numerous museums around the world.

Ayyubi also announced that a selection of Iranian calligraphy works displayed at the biennial would be exhibited in different Tajik cities.

Iran's first International Calligraphy Biennial kicked off on May 12, 2010, showcasing Nasta'liq, Cursive Nasta'liq, Naskh and Tuluth works along with modern styles by more than 400 artists.

Source: presstv.ir

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