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Hazrat Zahra Dua’a for all Affairs of Life & Hereafter

hazrat zahra

O Allah make me content with what You have decreed for me

Conceal my faults

Give me good health so long as I live

And forgive me and have mercy on me when I die

O Allah do not let me be involved in that which You have not decreed for me

And what You have decreed for me, make it easy, available

O Allah reward my parents and all those who have favored me

The best of rewards

O Allah, free me for what You have created me

And do not make me occupied in that which You have undertaken for me

Do not punish me while I seek Your forgiveness

And do not deprive me while I ask from You.

O Allah, make me humble

Make Your status great with me

Inspire me towards Your obedience

And actions that please You

And avoidance of that which angers You

O most merciful

hazrat zahra dua’a

Source: duas.org

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