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Tehran flower expo draws masses

the international exhibition of flowers and plants in tehran

An international show of flowers and plants in the Iranian capital has attracted thousands of people and nature lovers to the Tehran Municipality's exhibition center.

The International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants opened in the heart of the Iranian capital on Sunday, putting on a dazzling display of flowers and plants for citizens to enjoy.

According to Tehran's Municipality which is in charge of the colorful event, the flower show has attracted 30 percent more visitors compared to last year. Over 700,000 people have already visited the venue.

"The reason that people have shown such a great deal of interest is because more companies have participated in the event this year compared to last year. The type of products and the environment of the exhibition have also improved," one visitor told Press TV.

The number of producers participating in the event has also grown with over 50 foreign and 200 Iranian companies showcasing their products during the six-day exposition.

In addition to providing a great marketing opportunity for producers, the venue has created a refreshing atmosphere for those who want to escape the city environment for a few hours and take a small piece of nature back home with them.

The flower exhibition can be an ideal place to visit in Tehran, where many people live in small apartments and deal with heavy traffic on a daily basis.

"I feel so relaxed here. I hope they improve this place every year," another visitor said.

Flowers are an integral part of the Iranian lifestyle, playing a role in every major personal or public occasion. Iran is the largest producer of ornamental flowers in the Middle East and perhaps the largest consumer of the delicate commodity in the region.

Source: presstv.ir

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