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East Azarbayjan Churches

maryam moghaddas church

In east Azarbayjan, Christians has benefited from most religious center than other religious minorities. These places include San Stefano's Church (Kharaba Kelisa), Holy Madonna Church (Maryam Moghaddas) in the city of Tabriz, Holy Serkis church, Shoughat Church and Mojmar Church.

Holy Madonna Church

This is the biggest and oldest church in the city of Tabriz; and important ceremony of the Armenia convenes in this church. Church benefit from cultivated lands and stone building.

San Stefano's Church (Kharaba Kelisa)

This church was constructed according to building format of the 4th to 6th Hejira Ghamari in 16 km of west Jolfa in green land valley known as Dareh Sham (Darashamb) on a top area. Architecture style is combination of Orartou, the Ascanide, Greece and Ancient Rome forms. Number of depicted stones with Armenia language fixed inside and outside the place.

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