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Israel exercising Middle Age tyranny in occupied territories 


Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday that Israel is exercising Medieval-style tyranny in the occupied territories of Palestine. 

Larijani made the remaks upon his arrival in Istanbul to attend emergency meeting of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union to study the practices of the occupying regime in Palestine.

The emergency meeting of the executive committee of Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Istanbul is due to focus on international opposition to construction of new Jewish settlement in the Holy Qods by the Zionist regime. 

Speaking to reporters, he said Palestine has turned into a painful issue which is of prime importance for the Islamic countries.

Larijani said that various issues such as the international opposition to construction of new Jewish settlement in the occupied lands and the compulsory migration of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank will top the agenda of the emergency meeting.

"The inhuman measures are regarded as the biggest tyranny in the 21st century modelling upon the Medieval era."

Larijani regretted that the western governments have kept silent at the humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories of Palestine and rather they back the Zionist regime behind the scene.

Larijani is to confer with senior Turkish officials as well as the parliament speakers of the OIC members on issues of mutual interests as well as issues pertaining to the Muslim World.

Parliament speakers from Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Syria, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Cameroon and Burkina Faso are attending the three-day emergency OIC parliamentary meeting in Istanbul.

Source: irna.ir

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