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12 facts you should know


1. If you yelled for over 8 and a half years, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

2. The largest flower in the world is the amorphophallus titanum which grows to 6 feet in height and opens to a diameter of 3-4 feet!

3. The year that read the same upside down was 1961. That won"t happen again until the year 6009.

4.If you are locked in a completely sealed room, you will die of carbon dioxide poisoning first before you will die of oxygen deprivation.

5. Soda vending machines have been responsible for at least 37 deaths and 113 injuries since 1978.

6. The average pencil will draw a line 35 miles long.

7. According to one national survey on drug use, each day approximately 6,000 Americans try marijuana for the first time.

8. In the average adult, the skin covers 12-20 square feet and accounts for 12% of body weight.

9. The appendix has no function in modern humans. It is believed to have been part of the digestive system in our primitive ancestors.

10. Every hour, about 180 million newly formed red blood cells enter the bloodstream.

11. Historically, sweat has been an active ingredient in perfume and love potions.

12. Roses are a traditional symbol of love and, depending on their color, can suggest different nuances of love. For example, red roses indicate true love. Yellow roses can mean friendship or jealousy. A lavender or thornless rose can mean love at first sight. White roses mean virtue or devotion. Some roses even combine colors to created more complicated meanings.

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