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Homayoun Shajarian

h. shajarian

Homayoun Shajarian (born May 21, 1975) is a renowned Persian classical music vocalist, as well as a Tombak and Kamancheh player.

He was born in Tehran in a music-dedicated family. He is the son of Mohammad Reza Shajarian, the grand master vocalist of Persian traditional music. Upon his father"s advice, he began studying knowledge of technique and rhythm under supervision of Nasser Farhangfar, master of the tombak, a Persian hand drum, at the age of five. Afterwards, he also continued learning the tombak under Jamshid Mohebbi"s supervision.

h. shajarian

He commenced learning Persian traditional vocal Avaz at the age of ten under his father’s supervision and gained knowledge of Avaz techniques and voice-producing. Simultaneously, he attended Tehran Conservatory of Music and chose Kamancheh as his professional instrument as well as being tutored by Ardeshir Kamkar. From 1991, he accompanied father in concerts of Ava Music Ensemble in US, Europe and Iran, playing Tombak; and from 1999 on, started accompanying father also on vocals.

h. shajarian

His first independent work Nassim-e Vasl, composed by Mohammad Javad Zarrabian, was published on his 28th birthday, in 21 May 2003.


Life Events Calendar:

1975: Born on 21 May

1985 : Began Studying Avaz under his father"s supervision

1991: Joined Ava Music Ensemble, playing Tombak

1994 : Performed Qassedak concerts around Europe with his father and Parviz Meshkatian

1999: Started co-vocaling with his father in concerts

2000 : Accompanied his father in Nava, Dad-o-Bidad, and Zemestan in Europe, US, and Canada concerts

2002 : Accompanied his father in Rast-Panjgah and Morakkab Khani in Europe and Canada concerts

2003 : Published his first independent album: "Nassim-e Vasl"

2004 : Published independent albums: "Na-Shakiba" and "Showq-e Doost"

2005 : Published independent album: "Naqsh-e khiyal"

2006 : Published independent album: "Ba Setareha"

2008 : Published independent album (Live concert Berlin - in conjunction with Dastan Ensemble): "Ghijake Koli"

2008 : Published independent album (Live concert Berlin - in conjunction with Dastan Ensemble): "Khorshid-e Arezoo"

Source: wikipedia.org

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