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US nuclear weapons in world countries need to be annihilated 


IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad emphasized in his address at NPT Review Conference US nuclear weapons in other countries, like Germany, Italy, Japan and Holland should be annihilated. 

According to IRNA, in countries where the United States has stockpiled its nuclear weapons, the nations have often staged strong protest rallies about Washington’s move.

Simultaneous with the NPT Review Conference in New York the families of the bereaved victims of the US nuclear bombardments in Hiroshima and Nagasaki staged rallies in New York asking for declaring the entire world as a nuclear weapons free earth.

They staged a two-kilometer rally led by the mayors of those two Japanese cities, Tadatoshi Akiba and Tomihisa Taoeh, on the threshold of the NPT gathering here, from New York’s Times Square to the UN Headquarters, where the NPT review conference is being held.

In Germany, too, 120,000 opponents of the nuclear weapons formed a 120 kilometer human chain on Saturday, condemning the German government’s plan for extending the life span of their country’s nuclear reactors.

On the same day thousands of protesters gathered around Biblisder nuclear facilities in the center of Germany where nuclear waste is buried protesting to the dangerous move for the environment.

During the week also the Belgian police have arrested hundreds of anti-nuclear activists who had staged protest rallies against the stationing of US arms at Collin Burgle military base, which was a part of the peaceful trans-European protest rallies on “Action against Nuclear Weapons Day”.

The spokesman for the Aggression Free Society that has launched the “Action for Peace” campaign for the same purpose also in Belgium has expressed hope that his country’s politicians would take legal actions aimed at declaring the entire Europe as a nuclear weapons free zone.

For all those reasons, the call made by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s President for the annihilation of the stockpiled US nuclear weapons around the globe seems to have sensitive ears to hear, particularly in Europe and Japan.

Source: irna.ir

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