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Alireza Ghorbani

alireza ghorbani

ALIREZA GHORBANI was born in 1972 in TEHRAN-IRAN. He began his career by reciting the Holy book of Qur'an. Later he learned the tar and setar at the Teheran music academy. Since he was very interested in old Iranian traditional music, he started learning it eagerly. In 1984, he was fascinated by compilation of poetry and music and the insight of Iranian Music under the supervision of his first honorable mentors: Mr. Khosro Soltani, Mr. Behrooz Abedini, Mr. Mahdi Fallah, Dr. Hussein Omoumi, Ahmad Ebrahimi and also Razavi Sarvestani. His acquaintance with Ali Tajvidi and Farhad Fakhre"ddini led him to new horizons of Iranian music.

alireza ghorbani

He can legitimately aspire to succeed his model, Muhammad Reza Shadjarian, with whom he shares vocal excellence: an impeccable technique, subtly adorned with the tahrir, those sonorous “glottal effects” creating a surge of overwhelming emotions, which verges on mysticism. His record Calligraphies vocales [Vocal Calligraphy] released by Accords Croisés features Dariush Tala’i on the tar and setar as well as Djamchid Chemirani on the zarb as his accompanists; this bears witness to the trust granted to Ghorbani by such unrivalled masters of the Persian tradition and to the beauty of the voyage we will be taken on towards the summits of musical poetry.

He has already taken part in many important Festivals all over the world together with many musicians and some of these festivals and programs are available in the market on CDs.

alireza ghorbani

He has been the vocalist of National Iranian orchestra since 1999 and has joined many concerts and festivals within IRAN and abroad .ENTHUSIASM, the first album of National Iranian orchestra, has also been composed by Farhad Fakhre"ddini. Although you have heard his songs on many different TV programs such as KIFE ENGLISI, SHABE DAHOM, ROSHANTAR AZ KHAMOOSHI(MOLLA SADRA) and MADARE SEFR DARAJE, his latest albums are AZ KHESHTO KHAK, FASLE BARAN, ROSVAYE ZAMANE, SARVE RAVAN and SYMPHONY OF MOLANA which are all available in the market on CDs.




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