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Do You Want to Stay away from Sins?

imam hussein (a.s)

One day a man came to Imam Hussein (a.s) and said, 'I frequently disobey Allah and cannot prevent myself from sins; therefore, please, give me an advice O son of the Prophet so that I may keep away from sins.'

Imam: 'Do five things and then commit sins as much as you want.'

Sinner: 'Please tell me what those five things are.'

Imam: '(1) Do not eat from the provisions of Allah, and then do whatever you like.'

Sinner: 'Then what will I be able to eat because whatever there is in his universe is from Allah!'

Imam: '(2) Then leave the earth of Allah, and then do whatever you like.'

Sinner: 'O Imam, this is even more difficult than the first! If I leave the earth, then where I would live-all belongs to Allah.'

Imam: '(3) Then find a place where Allah cannot see you, and then do whatever you like.'

Sinner: 'But, O Imam, nothing is hidden from Allah.'

Imam: (4) Then do one thing, when the angel of death comes to you, keep him away from yourself, and then do whatever you like. And if you cannot do that, then lastly, (5) do not enter the Hell when God sends you into it. If you can do that, then go and commit whatever sins you like.'

Sinner: 'That's it, O son of the Prophet! From today, Allah will not find me in a situation which He dislikes.'

Source: rafed.net

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