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Nahj ul-Balagha to be rendered into 10 languages

najul balaghe

Nahj ul-Balagha (peak of eloquence) will be translated into ten languages, head of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization Mehdi Mostafavi said.

Nahj ul-Balagha is the famous collections of sermons, letters and narrations by Imam Ali (AS), first Imam of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Infallible Household.

Mostafavi made the remarks in a ceremony to sign a cooperation agreement with Nahj ul-Balagha Foundation to render the book that ICRO is determined to translat to make it available to all the people in the world.

Head of Nahj ul-Balagha Fondation, Jamaleddin Dinparvar, for his part, said that translation of the book is difficult, but, it is possible in cooperation with the translators who have a good command on the Arabic language, in addition to being knowledgeable about Islamic teachings.

Nahj ul-Balagha was collected by Al-Sharif al-Razi, a Shia scholar in the 10th century. It is considered to be the epitome of eloquence, the greatest masterpiece of the Arab literature and for the Shia Muslims is the second after the holy Quran.

Source: irna.ir

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