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Bulgarian Proverbs


1.A crow will never be a dove.

2. A fortress surrenders from within.

3. A gentle word opens an iron gate.

4. A house without a woman is like a fire without a bucket.

5. A lion lurks in everyone's heart; awake him not.

6. A song belongs to no one.

7. A word about to be spoken is like a stone that is ready to be thrown.

8. An axe without a shaft is no threat to the forest.

9. Dead horses can't kick.

10. Every frog has his own pond.

11. From the promise to the deed is a day's journey.

12. From walking -- something; from sitting -- nothing.

13. God gives but does not lock the gate.

14. God is not without sins: He created the world.

15. God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage.

16. Grapes do not grow in a willow tree.

17. He who believes in dreams feeds on wind.

18. He who breaks his word shall through his word be broken.

19. He who has been at the mill has flour on his hat.

20. If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

21. If you cannot serve, you cannot rule.

22. If you can't be good, be careful.

23. If you can't beat em, join em.

24. If you go to sleep with the blind, you'll wake up squinting.

25. If you let everyone walk over you, you become a carpet.

26. If you want apples, you have to shake the trees.

27. If you want to annoy the devil stay silent.

28. If you want to drown yourself, don't torture yourself with shallow water.

29. If you would live long, open your heart.

30. Let the man who has suffered ask it -- not the man who has travelled.

31. Life is a ladder -- some will climb up it, others down.

32. Mother Nature, time and patience are the three best doctors.

33. Nature, time, and patience are the three great physicians.

34. New day -- new destiny.

35. No hero without a wound.

36. Only other people's eggs are double-yolked.

37. Ravens do not peck each other's eyes out.

38. Seize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.

39. The crow pecks at the ox to clean it -- not to feed from it.

40. The droplet is always at its largest just before it drops.

41. The earth is man's only friend.

42. The eye that sees all things else, sees not itself.

43. The fox falls into the trap only once.

44. The neighbor's chicken is a duck.

45. The village feeds the town.

46. The wife carries the husband on her face; the husband carries the wife on his clothes.

47. The wolf changes only his coat -- not his character.

48. Two happy days are seldom brothers.

49. When a Bulgar gets rich he builds himself another house.

50. When the sea turned into honey, the beggar lost his spoon.

51. When the Turk becomes richer he takes another wife.

52. Whip the saddle and give the mule something to think about it.

53. You will sell more sheepskins at the market than wolfskins.

Source: proverbatim.com

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