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  • 4/13/2010

IRI to sue Obama's statements in UN

ramin mehmanparast

IRI Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said that the Islamic Republic of Iran will legally sue the American President's statements through its mission to the United Nations and diplomatic means.

Addressing his weekly media conference, Mehmanparast said that these statements should be recorded as a document in the United Nations to show that some countries including America and France honor using nuclear weapons as symbol of state terrorism.

Barak Obama read a statement last week in which he implicitly threatened the Islamic Republic with a nuclear attack for what he claimed to be Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons under a mask of peaceful nuclear energy.

The statement came despite IAEA's numerous confirmations that there is no evidence that Iran was after making a nuclear bomb.

Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khomeini said Sunday Obama statement would harm the United States, adding that the comments mean the US Administration is wicked and unreliable.

‘The American authorities in recent years made many efforts to present the Islamic Republic of Iran as unreliable regarding the nuclear issue while it has become now clear that those governments are actually unreliable which hold atomic bombs and impudently threaten others with A-bombs. The American President's comments then prove divulging,’ Ayatollah Khomeini said.

Source: iribnews.ir

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