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  • 4/7/2010

Breastfeeding can save 900 babies: Study

mother and child

Breastfeeding will save not only the lives of nearly 900 babies but also billions of dollars each year, US officials say.

Despite the guidelines recommending mothers to breastfeed infants exclusively for six months, latest figures have revealed that only 12 percent of US mothers do so.

According to a study published in Pediatrics, $13 billion could be saved each year if the percentage of women breastfeeding their infants is increased to 90 percent.

Breastfeeding prevents hundreds of deaths and illnesses caused by conditions such as stomach viruses, ear infections, asthma, juvenile diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome and even childhood leukemia.

Breast-fed babies are reported to be less vulnerable to develop diabetes and obesity. Antibodies in the breast milk can also protect the newborn against many infections, the study noted.

‘The health care system has got to be aware that breast-feeding makes a profound difference,’ concluded Ruth Lawrence, the heads the American Academy of Pediatrics' breast-feeding section.

Source: presstv.ir

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