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  • 4/4/2010

Longevity gene found in worms


In a medical breakthrough, British researchers have succeeded to identify a gene strongly linked to longevity, immunity, and stress resistance in worms.

According to a study published in the Public Library of Sciences (PLoS) One, higher levels of the gene known as DAF-16 are correlated with longer life expectancy, increased stress resistance and better immunity against some infections in worms.

‘What we have found is that things like resistance and aging tend to go hand in hand,’ said lead researcher Robin May.

DAF-16, which is active in most worm cells, is very similar to a group of human genes called FOXO genes.

‘The fact that subtle differences in DAF-16 between species seem to have such an impact on aging and health is very interesting and may explain how differences in lifespan and related traits have arisen during evolution,’ concluded May.

Scientists hope their findings will pave the way for the development of new methods to fight aging, to help individuals stay healthier as they age.

Source: presstv.ir

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