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 Protected Zones, Golestan

golestan national park, gorgan

Golestan National Park, Gorgan

The Golestan National Park is the first Iranian National Park that is situated in the jurisdiction of Golestan, Semnan and Khorassan provinces. This park because of its natural values like verdant and virgin forest and different species of flora and fauna is one of the famous areas in Iran and the world. This park has been a protected area since 1957 under the name of "Almeh" and "Yashki" and in 1976 these two parts combined and became the Golestan National Park with 91,890 hectares in area.

This park is formed of slightly sloping hills and high calcareous rocks. Its climate is very damp and in some places dry. Some important areas around the Golestan National Park are: Loweh, Dasht, Takhteh Iran, Yan Bolaq, Gildaq and the Qorkhoud protected areas. The most important animals of the Golestan National Park are: Rabbit, tiger, golden eagle, wolf, fox, panther, bear, sable wild cat, wild goat, wild pig (bore), gazelle, ram, deer, venison, kinds of snake, kinds of fish, black dall, delijeh, pray birds etc. Most important plants of this park are: fig, mulberry, wild pear, walnut, raspberry, barberry, different medicinal plants etc.

Jahan Nama Protected Zone, Gorgan

This area is situated in the southern heights of Gorgan and the southeast of Kord Kooy. In 1973, it was claimed as a protected place with 30,650 hectares in area. This region was a recreational area for people of Gorgan and its nearby villages. Some important regions like Torkat, Chalestan, Cholqoleh, Aq Reza, Chakel Geda, Landeh Kooh, Talou, Khoshdasti, Landou and Maqzi, are around this protected area. The most important varieties of wildlife are: wild goat, wild sheep, venison, panther, wolf, beer, owl, eagle, weasel, and porcupine and its important plants are: Rosh, Azad, Barberry, Sorkhdar, Kolahe Mir Hassan, Bolandmaza Namdar, Borage Cowslipe, Ras, and Darmaneh.

The most important rivers and springs of this protected place are: Sefid Rood, Tarkan, Mahzi, Chaar Baq, Ziyarat, Marsang, Sbumargah, Shahpasand, Haji Abad, Gachian, Mord Cheshmeh, Vara, Khosh Dasti, Kalichal, Qormehtou, and Pazeebon.

Ancient relics of the said area are: water tank, ancient center of Kamarsarak and Jelingbling, Imamzadeh Razi and Marzieh, and the Western Radkan Tower.

Source: chnpress.com

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