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The final word & Deduction

the holy quran

Although the holy Quran is a miracle from different aspects, but it should be noted that it is not a literal book, or a book of mysteries of creation. All these specifications are to prove that it is a miracle.

Actually it calls itself the book of guidance. So everyone who has perceived that it is a miracle should seek the way of guidance and the correct divine knowledge through it.

 As an instance by accepting the holy Quran as a miracle, our belief to the previous prophets and their miracles can be based on the occult informing of the holy Quran about them.

Finally to summarize what was mentioned in this article, we would like to refer to these points briefly:

1. The miracles of previous prophets belonged to their own era and today nothing of them is available for us. But now we only find Quran that claims it is a miracle for all time.

2. To prove its claim, the holy Quran calls the entire world to bring words like its verses. 

3. Eloquence and fluency is the only aspect of miracle of the holy Quran that it has challenged upon. However different parts of Quran have other aspects of being a miracle. 

4. The enemies of Islam and Quran whether in the past or now have applied the hardest and most expensive means to invalidate Islam; on the other hand they have not done any act to apply their simplest mean (i.e. answering the challenge of Quran). They have not brought any significant instance to excel the holy Quran in eloquence and fluency in the eyes of scholars, considering the fact that they had both enough motives to do so and powerful literalists. This is the best reason of their inability against Quran.  

5. There are many instances in the holy Quran that refer to secrets of creation, and centuries later the secret has been clarified. This indicates that the holy Quran is descended by the One who is completely aware of the secrets of creation.

6. There are many instances in the holy Quran that predict events and later the event has taken place exactly as Quran had described. This indicates that the holy Quran is descended by the One who has occult knowledge.

7. Quran with all aspects of being a miracle is brought by a prophet who has never studied before. This proves that he himself has not composed Quran, but it is descended from the Lord of the universe.


Finally it can be deduced that the holy Quran is a miracle for all eras and for all nations, therefore it is descended from the almighty Allah. When it is proved that Quran is a miracle, the trueness of the claim of the prophecy of the Prophet (PBUH) would be proved. Then all the human beings can now study and research about this book and by perceiving that it is a miracle, can find out the prophecy and trueness of the Prophet’s (PBUH) religion.

Source: roshd.org

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