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Other aspects of the miraculous character of the Holy Quran (Part 1)

the holy quran

Although the aspect which the Holy Quran has challenged referring to each chapter individually is its fluency and eloquence, totally, it has other aspects of being miracle that are mentioned below. It is noteworthy that these aspects are not specialized; all can understand them.

1-The Holy Quran and the mysteries of nature: Although the Holy Quran is not a science book and has not been descended for such reasons and its aim is to guide mankind to eternal success, it has used such matters in the way of its own special goal .It has referred to them as signs of the immortal power of the Almighty Allah; therefore, it has mentioned many mysteries of nature in several cases. This fact indicates that the Holy Quran has been descended from a person who is completely conversant with the nature, namely the creator of it.

As an instance three of these mysteries, are mentioned briefly:

A. The movement of the earth:

” (The Almighty Allah) who made the earth for you like a cradle.”(The holy Quran, 20:53)

In this verse, the Holy Quran has alluded to the movement of the earth and likened it to a cradle. As we know, a child in the cradle will enjoy comfort if the cradle moves. The reason why it has not stipulated the movement of the earth is that these verses were descended in a time when man thought of nothing except the earth’s repose and the firmaments orbiting it. For instance, when Galileo explained this fact one thousand years later, he was sentenced to death. Hence, if the Holy Quran stipulated the movement of the earth, it would be expelled, so it has alluded to this fact delicately in a way not in explicit disagreement with people’s belief and also expressing the truth.

B. The fertilization done by the wind:

 “And we send the winds fertilizing.”(The holy Quran, 15:22)

Centuries had past when Biologists discovered the effect of winds in the fertilization of some plants. This is definitely a miracle.

C. “And we have made the iron, wherein is great violence (power) and advantages to men.” (The holy Quran, 57:25)

Till the 18th century, 12 centuries after the descendent of the Holy Quran, metallic works suffered ultimate weakness and not only their value was unknown, but also they were considered unimportant. Suddenly, iron appealed to man and the scientists competed in its extraction and utilization to the extent that the two previous centuries are called the metal advancement era. Now, man has realized its value, and as a result, the truth of the Holy Quran’s saying. It’s important to notice that among all the metals, the Holy Quran has specified iron. Today it is evident that the efficiency of iron is more than other metals.

Source: roshd.org

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