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Springs and Protected Zones Kermanshah

sarab niloofar (wetland)

Abdol Spring, Kangavar

This spring is a famous spring of Kangavar that originates from the hill slopes in the north of Kangavar. This spring irrigates the Abdol spring sector. The Imam Allah Khan Aslani castle is fed from the branches of this spring.

Hendi Abad Spring, Kangavar

The Hendi Abad spring is located northeast of Kangavar and provides the irrigating water of the Hendi Abad sector of the city.

Imam Hassan Mineral Water Spring, Kermanshah

This spring is located in the township of Kermanshah and has less importance than the other springs.

Sarab Niloofar (Wetland), Kermanshah

The Niloofar Sarab (wetland) is located 30 km. northwest of Kermanshah and in the Kermanshah - Kouzran Road. This wetland has a large pool covered with lotus flowers. The same is a recreational area, besides  fishing is also possible here.

Saifoor Spring, Kangavar

The Saifoor spring is located 2 km. northeast of Kangavar and is surrounded with greenery. Due to its surroundings it provides a recreational area for local inhabitants and visitors.

Tang-e-Hamam Hot Water Spring, Sar Pol-e-Zahab

This spring is located between Sar Pol-e-Zahab and Qasr-e-Shirin and is used by people.

Other springs and Wetlands, Kermanshah

Other wetlands of province are: Yavari Wetland in the Kermanshah - Ravansar Road, Naji Veran 15 km. of Sonqor - Bistoon Road, Taq Bostan Wetland north of Kermanshah in the mountain slopes of Taq Bostan. Khezr Zendeh and Khezr Elias Wetlands 34 km. northwest of Kermanshah and in 18 km. of Sanandaj - Kermanshah Road, Qanbar Wetland in the south of Kermanshah that provides the water supply for parts of the city, and the Harsin and Sahneh Wetlands.

Protected Wildlife Zones and Hunting Sites, Kermanshah

In the past, Kermanshah was one of the important wildlife zones of Iran. Engravings of the Taq-e-Bostan margin show the aspects of this hunting ground. In the groves and highlands of the province, various types of birds both migratory and endemic are seen. The most important of the endemic birds are: partridge, dull yellow partridge, turtle dove, and dove. The most important of migrant birds are, duck and goose that are mainly seen in winter. Due to intensive hunting in this region, other species of birds are decreasing in number such as the rare species of bustard. Wild animals namely are the, leopard, bear, wild goat, wolf, jackal, fox, bore and bear.


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