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Good Stories for Good Children

mehdi azar yazdi

Mehdi Azar Yazdi (1921-2009) began writing for children in 1956. He wrote seven books; all adapted from a classic tale in Persian literature and rewritten for children in a simple prose. His most famous work was ‘Good Stories for Good Children’, which earned him a UNESCO prize in 1966 and was selected Iran"s Best Book of the Year in 1967. His book ‘Adam’ was also chosen as Iran"s Best Book of the Year in 1968.

Azar Yazdi"s life is reflects the thoughts and wisdom of the country"s great personalities and also a gateway for the young generation to learn its experiences and findings over the course of history. This issue can help them become mature. 

Good Stories for Good Children’ which is published in eight volumes, provides access to the great works of Persian literature like the Gulistan (The Rose Garden), Massnavie Manavi, Marzban-Nameh, Sin bad Nameh, and some stories from the Holy Quran and the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) and his Household.

Encouragement is the key factor in making a person begin a task and continue it. I had no one to encourage me when I was young, and my parents mocked me for writing childish stories. I was 35 when I began writing "Good Stories for Good Children". I was not familiar with children"s spirit and taste, and my personal experiences were my criteria for description of childhood in the stories.

I only read religious books, but I also liked to read storybooks. However, this genre had died out. When I was 35 years old, I left Yazd and afterward began reading "Kalilah and Dimnah", which is very rich in text and hard to understand.


I found it very beautiful and afterwards decided to write for children.

 I sought neither fame nor money. I only wanted to do a good job. Thus I wrote "Good Stories for Good Children".

mehdi azar yazdi

Source: Zamzam Magazine

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