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Iran to produce 41 anti-cancer drugs


Iranian researchers are set to develop 41 types of anti-cancer medications over the next six months.

‘Previously a limited number of countries were able to produce these drugs,’ said Mohammad Mokhber, an Iranian medical official, stressing that Iranian researchers hope not only to produce these chemotherapy agents for the first time in the country but also to reduce their side-effects.

He added that 45 million dollars have been spent on the hardware of the Sobhan Oncology factory, believed to be the largest such a company in the Middle East.

Mokhber went on to say that this industrial unit is equipped with the latest technology.

Some eight of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have already signed contracts with the Rasht-based factory, Mokhber added.

According to the Iranian medical official, the new drugs are produced based on the global standards and would be marked with the label of Sobhan Oncology Co. and the other eight treaty pharmaceutical companies.

The factory is believed to produce the amount of medications needed to treat all the cancer sufferers in the country, overcoming the need for importing pricey cancer drugs from abroad in the near future.

Source: presstv.ir

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