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Caves, Kermanshah

qoori qaleh cave

Asangaran Cave

This cave is situated to the north west of the Poraw Mountain in a gorge called Tang Kouh, 22 km. of the Kermanshah - Sanandaj Road. The Asangaran Cave has 4 wells to the depths of 4, 8, 16 and 36 m. Its third and fourth wells are interconnected. At the end of the cave, there is a pool-like area. This cave is one of the beautiful caves of Iran and the province.

Kavat Cave, Javan Rood

This cave is among the famous caves of Kermanshah. It is located on Shahoo Mountains in the serene scenic valley, north of the outskirts of the Javan Rood. The cave opening is located at a height of 1660 m. above the sea level and forms an area with a steep incline. At the end of this large area, the main branch of cave begins with smaller openings. From left side of the main branch, a small stream falls into the stone depths. In this part, the cave divides into two branches. The left branch is no more than 8 m. in depth but the right branch has a large underground water reservoir. After passing this swamp there are others that are 60 m. in length and its ceiling touches the ground.

Poraw Cave, Kermanshah

This cave is located in the Poraw Mountain (Zagross Mountain Range), to the north of this province. The Poraw Cave is the largest calcareous cave in the world and its structure is related to the third period of geology. Inside the cave there are 26 wells in various depths ranging between 5 to 42 m. The cave opening is a small hole which terminates to small and big areas with various branches and large stones, between which crevices and precipices have been formed.

In the month of December, the cave is covered by stalactites and stalagmites which create special beauty. Appropriate security measures and gear are required for descending into the said cave.

Qoori Qal'eh Cave, Paveh

Among the oak forests of Paveh at a distance of 90 km. from Kermanshah exists the Qoori Qaleh Cave which is considered the largest cave with water in Asia. This cave begins in the Qoori Qaleh Village and according to people continues till Iraq. In 1989, a group of mountaineer of the mountain Climbing Institute of the province succeeded in discovering the internal portion of the cave and its various halls. This group in addition to gaining access to the depth of the cave discovered about 12 dark and meandering paths and mapped them.

The Qoori Qaleh Cave is about 3,140 m. in length. In this cave a rare species of bats has been seen. Some articles related to a relic of an ancient Sassanid castle nearby have been discovered.

A variation of colors and oblique pillars and waterfalls are unique characteristics of the Qoori Qaleh Cave.

Other Caves, Kermanshah

The Tayounehnav Cave in the Badreh region of Kermanshah, the Roteil Cave on the Kermanshah - Kerend and Rijab Route.

qoori qaleh cave

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