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Amenhotep III's head found in Luxor

amenhotep iiis head

Egyptian archaeologists have found a massive head of Amenhotep III, a famous pharaoh ruling about 3,400 years ago.

The red granite head, about the height of a person, was excavated in the ruins of the pharaoh's mortuary temple in the southern city of Luxor.

Archeologists also unearthed a number of artifacts and statuary in the buried ruins.

According to the expedition team, the discovered head is the best preserved sculpture of Amenhotep III's face ever found, Art daily reported.

‘Other statues have always had something broken: the tip of the nose, the face is eroded,’ said head of the Egyptian-European archeology team Dr. Hourig Sourouzian.

‘But here, from the tip of the crown to the chin, it is so beautifully carved and polished, nothing is broken.’

The head is part of a statue found earlier, along with the parts of the body, the back slab and the ceremonial beard which Souruzian says will soon be attached to the head.

Amenhotep III was the ninth pharaoh of Egypt's 18th dynasty and his reign is known for unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendor, when Egypt reached the peak of her artistic and international power.

Source: presstv.ir

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