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Rivers, Kermanshah


The humid winds from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean and relatively abundant snow and rain has enriched the underground water, and also various water currents in different areas of the province that finally flow into the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.

 The most important rivers are as follows:

Ab Jalan River, Javan Rood

The Ab Jalan River flows from the Azgaleh Village of the Javan Rood Township. The length of this river is 30 km. This river originates from the western slopes of the Molachieh Mountains (53 km. southwest of Paveh), and flows to the northwest and combines with Lima River in northeast of Tovoshkeh Village. In southern slopes of the Gereh Mountains, it irrigates the Kal Sefid village and while passing the Jagiran area, it adjoins a southern tributary, and through the eastern valley of Salman Dareh mountain, flows towards the north. After irrigating the Taq Taq Village in the eastern slope of the Salmaneh Mountains it combines with the Abdalan River and changes into the Havasan Ab.

Jagiran River, Sar Pol-e-Zahab

The Jagiran River is within the limits of the townships of Sar Pol-e-Zahab. This river is 67 km. in length and originates from the western slopes of the Molachieh and Shahan Mountains in the Posht Tang village (24 km. of north east of Qasr-e-Shirin), and feeds from tributaries like the Ab Talan. This river after irrigating various villages and adjoining different rivers, 5 km. northeast of Qasr-e-Shirin enters the Iran-Iraq border, and within a distance of 11 km. northwest of Qasr-e-Shirin from the border, flows into Iraq, and in the west of the Sangar Jour Village flows into the Tigris River.

Kangakoosh River, Qasr-e-Shirin

The Kangakoosh River is within the limits of Naft Shahr and Qasr-e-Shirin and flows up to Iran - Iraq border. It is 60 km. in length. This river originates from watersheds of the Bandmian and Darblouie Mountains (7 km. southwest of Gilan Qarb), after passing the Vijnan Village, it enters Naft Shahr. In this region it changes its course and runs southwest. After passing Naft Shahr, it goes west and enters the Iran - Iraq border. In this area it adjoins the Koneh Kabood River and flows as a frontier river till 8.5 km. southwest of Naft Shahr and then enters into Iraq and dispenses in the Mendeli plain.

Sarab Kangavar River, Kermanshah

The Sarab Kangavar River is 40 km. in length and takes its source from eastern slopes of the Amrouleh Mountains which is at a 75 km. distance northeast of Kermanshah. After passing the Hezar Khan Sarab, Khoram Abad Villages and… adjoins several tributaries from west Kangavar, forming the Khoram Rood River. The same after passing various villages joins the Qarah Chay and Gamasiyab Rivers. The surroundings of this river have recreational values.

Zamkan River, Paveh

The Zamkan River is in the limits of Paveh and Islam Abad Qarb. The length of this river is 160 km. and originates from the southern slopes of the Shahan Mountains 62 km. north west of Islam Abad. This river passes through various villages and after adjoining with other rivers enters Paveh. In this part while joining other tributaries, irrigates some of the villages and after adjoining the Gordi Qaseman River (43 km. west of Paveh) enters the Iran-Iraq border. The Zamkan River is at a distance of 39 km. northwest of Paveh, and flows into the Darbandjan Dam Lake.

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