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Celebrating Eid-e-Zahra (a.s)

imam mahdi (a.s)

The extraordinary two-month period of mourning reaches its climax with the death of the 11th Imam on the 8th of Rabi al-Awwal.  The day that follows, according to tradition, is the greatest Eid (celebration) for the lovers of the Ahl-ul- Bayt.  Known as Eid-e-Zahra, this day honors the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) as a day of great joy and happiness for the believers.

As we recall, this past 70-day period has seen the commemoration of the martyrdom of no less than six infallibles – Imams Hassan and Hussein, Imam Sadjad, Imam Reza, Imam Askari and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon all of them).  In addition, we also have marked the death of other personalities such as Hazrat Abbas, Hazrat Fatimah Masumeh(a.s) Qum and the companions and friends of the Imam on the plains of Karbala.  Finally, after such a period of sorrow, we remove the black from our centers and bodies, and go forth to implement the lessons learned during these last months.

In regards to the importance of this day, we are told that there was once a gathering in the city of Medina.  Present were the Prophet and the first three Imams.  With a smile on his face, the Prophet said,

“It is on this day that Allah will destroy your enemies and the enemies of your grandfather and it is on this day when Allah will accept the actions of your Shea and those who love you.  This is the day when the words of Allah came true where He said (in the Qur’an): ‘So those are the houses fallen down because they were unjust …’ (27:52) And this is the day when the Pharaoh (Firawn) of the time of the Ahl-ul- Bayt was destroyed …”

One of the important things that we mark is the first official day of the leadership of our living Imam, al-Hujjat Ibn Al-Hassan al-Askari (may Allah hasten his return).  As narrated in our Dua’a, Ziyaraat and traditions, the return of our 12th Imam will mark the revenge of the blood spilled in Karbala.

It is with this important event that we celebrate Eid-e-Zahra and sincerely ask Allah to hasten the return of His final proof.  Through the justice that the Imam will show, this day will truly be marked as the day of Eid for Zahra (peace be upon her) and all her true followers.

Source: duas.org

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