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Control your temper

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وقال رجلٌ اَوْصِنى، فقال صلى الله عليه وآله وسلّم: لاتَغضَب، ثم أعادَ عليه، فقال: لاتَغضَب، ثمّ قال: ليس الشّديد بِالصّرَعَةِ*، انّما الشديدُ الذي يَملكُ نفسه عند الغضبِ


A man asked the Prophet (PBUH) to give him a piece of advice. The Prophet, may Allah’s greetings be upon him and his immaculate household, said: ‘Control your temper. ‘The man made the same request for a second time. The Prophet said: ‘Control your temper.’ Then, he went on to say: ‘A strong man is not one who knocks other people down. A strong person is one who does not let his anger get the better of him.’

 (Tohfatul Oqul, p. 47)

Hadith Commentary:

 La taghzab qahran does not signify uncontrollable anger. This anger is voluntary. It means "do not show your anger" or "do not let your anger get the better of you". A strong man is not one who knocks other people down when wrestling. A strong man is the one who controls his ghazab. Here ghazab does not just mean "temporary anger" but it also means "grudge". Controlling wrath and lust affects all aspects of life.

Source: khamenei.ir

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