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  • 2/10/2010

The Fragrance of the Beloved (God)

imam khomeini

'We are unaware that we are all in love with him.

That are all loving everywhere for Him!

Heedless of both worlds, we still need to know,

That we are thirsty to drink from His Cup of Love

'We are reside at the threshold of the House of Love,

From the Beginning off life we longed to he there

(Every fragrance we smell is from His (God's) garden,

It is the fragrance of the Beloved (God) that we all desire to smell.

There is no beauty and beautiful but Him,

It is just out of Longing for Him that we all argue.

Unaware of the fact that what we wander about for,

Is so close to us, face to face, embracing us.

By: Imam Khomeini (ra)

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