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Old Mosques, Kermanshah (Part1)

emadoddoleh mosque

Dowlatshah Mosque, Kermanshah

This mosque is located in the Javanshir Square of Kermanshah and dates back to the Qajar period and was built by Muhammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah in the years 1221-1237 A.H. In recent years this mosque has been repaired, comprising of separate nocturnal areas for men and ladies along with a courtyard. This mosque is known as Haj Abu Torab Mosque and its name is revealed on the inscription on the facade of the mosque.

Emadoddoleh Mosque, Kermanshah

This mosque is located in Kermanshah and is a relic from the Qajar period. The primary building of the Emadoddoleh Mosque was constructed in 1285 A.H. This building which has been renovated in subsequent periods is used as a school of religious sciences. The Emadoddoleh mosque has four porches, a portal, courtyard, nocturnal area with columns and various chambers.

On the tile work of the porch there is an inscription with the name of Naseredin Shah, the founder, and the date of construction, i.e., 1285 A.H. In the eastern porch of the courtyard is a wooden shelter. The entrance of mosque is through this eastern porch and is connected by a large wooden door to the goldsmith sector of the bazaar.

According to narrations, the wooden door has been transferred from the sepulcher of Imam Ali to this mosque. The same is a remnant from the Safavid era.

Kangavar Jame" Mosque, Kangavar

The main building of this mosque was destroyed completely in the earthquake of 1957. A new mosque has been built on its site. Alike the former, the new building is also rectangular in shape, but increased in length. In the present structure, the nocturnal area has been added to the northern side with a porch alongside. A marble slab in the anteroom reveals an endowment deed related to the Kangavar School dating back to 1243 A.H.

Source: chnpress.com

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