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Old Bazaars & Old Public Bath, Kermanshah

old bazaar

Kermanshah Bazaar, Kermanshah

One of the noticeable and important buildings of Kermanshah is its large and ancient market (bazaar), and its primary structure is related to the Qajar period. This bazaar is adorned in a splendor style.

The goods available here are: local colored apparel, handicrafts like: Giveh (a local foot-ware), shoes, carpet, Gelim, wooden kitchenware, leather and felt and hand-woven articles.

Old Public Bath

Grand Bath (Sarchoob Bath), Kangavar

One of the ancient baths of Kangavar is the Bozorg or big bath in the Sarjoob vicinity. The entrance door of bath faces the south. From the door 8 steps lead to a rectangular area. The arched ceiling of the stairs is in a zigzag style. This area leads to a Sarbineh (or a type of cloak room).

The “sarbineh” is a quadrilateral area with four cylindrical monolithic stone pillars. On the pillars and walls zigzag arches can be noted and in this manner, 9 arches have formed in the cloak room ceiling. In the middle of the same there is an octagonal pool. The Hot-house is a large quadrilateral area with four integrated stone pillars alike those of the cloak room. The pillars and walls are adorned with zigzag arches. The dome is in the center. This bath has both architectural and tourism values.

Pachaman Bath, Sahneh

This old bath is located in the Pachaman locality of Sahneh city. The entrance door of the bath faces south west and opens to a “sarbineh” or cloak room. The structure of which is octagonal. Here there are four large platforms with 4 smaller platforms to the south west of the entrance to the cloak room. In the middle of the cloak room is a stone pond. The structure is constructed of brick, gypsum mortar with sculptured and stone slabs. A part of the walls of the bath and flooring has been repaired and renovated.

Other Old Public Baths, Kermanshah

The other old baths of the province are: Haj Asqar Khan and Hassan Khan baths in Kangavar.

public bath

Source: chnpress.com

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